David Masur
Executive Director
(215) 732-5897 ext. 1

David graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1994, and became an organizer with the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group. Between 1996-2002, David was the Director for PennPIRG, where he led environmental, consumer, and good government campaigns. In June of 2002, David became the Director of PennEnvironment and the PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center.

His experience includes working closely with the reporters and editorial staff in the state’s largest media outlets where David has been quoted in nearly every major TV, radio station and newspaper in the Commonwealth for his environmental expertise; lobbying state and federal decision makers; packaging and developing educational campaigns to protect our environment that are rolled out to hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens; and coordinating the efforts of the PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center with environmental groups and other partner organizations in Pennsylvania.

In addition, David has directed citizen outreach offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh where he educated thousands of citizens on anti-environmental attacks and other environmental issues. David focuses most of his energy working on open space protection, Marcellus Shale gas drilling, and clean water issues in Pennsylvania.