Pennsylvania’s 120 state parks under threat

Each year, our state parks and forests give millions of visitors an opportunity to hike, camp, fish, boat or just relax. From Erie’s Presque Isle to Ridley Creek State Park outside of Philadelphia, and everywhere in between, Pennsylvania’s 120 state parks and 20 state forests are some of the crown jewels of our natural heritage.

Sadly, our state parks and forests face major threats from all sides: potential privatization, severe funding cuts and budget shortfalls, a backlog of maintenance and repair projects, and the threat of Marcellus Shale gas drilling and the clearcuts and pollution that accompany it.

We must protect our state parks and forests

Our elected officials in Harrisburg have allowed funding for state parks and forests to be slashed, and have opened up more than 700,000 acres of state forestlands to Marcellus Shale gas drilling. And now Gov. Tom Corbet is pushing to eliminate the Keystone Fund, a program dedicated to protecting our state parks.

PennEnvironment is standing up for the parks and forests that we love — and making sure that they get the protections that they need and deserve. Alongside our citizen members and activists, PennEnvironment is working to make sure that our state parks and forests are protected and properly maintained for generations to come.

Thousands of concerned citizens have joined our efforts, calling and emailing their elected officials, and making sure that our state parks and forests have a voice and a constant watchdog. Join our campaign and urge your legislators to protect our state parks and maintain the Keystone Fund.

Preservation Updates

News Release | PennEnvironment

New report card gives governor “F” for environmental record

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Grassroots Efforts Working to Fight Fracking in Allegheny Park

"We escape there to experience nature, to show our kids the gems of our community, to hike and run and bike and recreate, and we cannot put tis at risk," said Erica Stafford,  of Penn Environment.

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FAW chides Thompson on roadless area bills

An environmental group, PennEnvironment, released a report last week that claimed millions of acres of national forest across the country are at risk of development if three congressional measures are signed into law.

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Enviro group, reps at odds on ANF

A Philadelphia-based environmental group is crying foul over measures that, in its estimation, would put the Allegheny National Forest at risk.

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