Half our streams are unprotected

From the meandering Neshaminy Creek to the rocky outcrops of the Wissahickon to the historic Brandywine Creek, our local streams are tranquil and beautiful. Our kids explore the stream banks and ride their bikes on adjacent trails, and they’re great places to get away from it all. Our local streams make Pennsylvania a great place to live.

Unfortunately, more than half our streams are vulnerable to pollution, due to loopholes in the Clean Water Act. Polluters should not be allowed to treat our waterways like a personal sewer. That’s why PennEnvironment is working to protect tens of thousands of miles of Pennsylvania waterways and the drinking
water for more than 8 million people.

Time is running out to protect our waterways

This summer, the EPA is working to close the loopholes in the Clean Water Act. This could be the single largest step taken for clean water in more than a decade—protecting more than 49,000 miles of our streams from big polluters. But the polluters are pressuring the EPA to back down. They’ve threatened “legal warfare,” and made false claims, including one that the EPA wants to “regulate mud puddles.” We’re organizing everyone from local anglers to scientists to our neighbors, to convince the EPA to stand up to the pressure and protect our streams. Click here to join our campaign.

On June 4, EPA Administrator Shawn Garvin visited PennEnvironment to talk about our work to close loopholes in the Clean Water Act and the vital importance of Clean Water Act protections. Watch below

Together, we can win

Our staff has been knocking on doors across Pennsylvania to educate people about what’s at stake. We’re also building coalitions, educating policymakers, and shining a spotlight in the media on the need to protect our waterways. But the real key to winning is you. With your support, we can restore Clean Water Act protections to all of Pennsylvania’s waterways.

To take action for Pennsylvania's rivers and streams and ensure Clean Water Act loopholes are closed, send a message to the EPA here.

Clean Water Updates

News Release | PennEnvironment

Environmental Groups' Threat of Lawsuit Brings Action to Protect Valley Forge, Valley Creek

The threat of a pending Clean Water Act lawsuit by PennEnvironment and the Valley Forge Chapter of Trout Unlimited (VFTU) against Tredyffrin Township compelled state environmental regulators to take their own legal action against the Township, and to forge a legally binding plan to fix and replace an aging, failure-prone sewage pipeline.

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News Release | PennEnvironment

Environmental Groups Take Legal Action To End Sewage Spills in Valley Forge National Historical Park

PennEnvironment and the Valley Forge Chapter of Trout Unlimited announced today that they have sent a formal notice of intent to sue Tredyffrin Township (Chester County) and the Tredyffrin Township Municipal Authority for alleged violations of the federal Clean Water Act.

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