Global warming’s potential impacts on Pennsylvania, the nation and the world are expected to be destructive and far-reaching. In Pennsylvania, global warming could mean more heat-related deaths, more extreme weather like the floods, droughts and severe winter storms we’ve experienced in recent years, and severe damage to fishing streams throughout the state.

America’s third-biggest global warming polluter

To make matters worse, Pennsylvania is home to much of the problem. Pennsylvania ranks third in the nation for its global warming pollution, only behind California and Texas. This is due to our fleet of dirty coal-fired power plants, and sprawling development that requires extensive driving from place to place.

Luckily, there are simple, common sense clean energy solutions at our fingertips that will help us to tackle this profound problem before it’s too late. This will allow us to sharply reduce our global warming pollution in Pennsylvania, while repowering our economy with clean energy jobs.

From energy efficient buildings to clean cars, solutions are at hand

Now, we need to put these solutions to work.

Working side by side with our citizen members and activists, PennEnvironment’s staff are working at the state and national level to make sure that we can tackle climate change. 

From advocating for new policies that will promote energy efficient building technology, wind and solar power, and cleaner cars, to requiring the biggest polluters to clean up their acts, we can tackle global warming head-on and win.

Global Warming Updates


Brunner Island listed among the nation's most carbon polluting plants

In 2011, PPL's Brunner Island coal-fired power plant discharged roughly the same amount of carbon emissions as 1.79 million cars. On Monday, the PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center released a report which ranks the East Manchester Township plant as No. 59 on a list of the nation's 100 most polluting power plants.

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Report | PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center

America's Dirtiest Power Plants

This report from PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center finds that Pennsylvania ranks 3rd in the country for most carbom pollution from its power plants, the nation's largest single source of global warming pollution.  It illustrates the scale of carbon pollution from Pennsylvania's power sector and ranks Pennsylvania's biggest carbon polluters.  

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News Release | PennEnvironment Research and Policy Center

PA Ranks 3rd for Global Warming Pollution from Power Plants

On the heels of another summer of heat waves and flooding, and only a few weeks before the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, a new report from PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center finds that Pennsylvania 3rd in the country for most carbon pollution from its power plants, the state’s largest single source of global warming pollution. 

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News Release | PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center

President Obama’s Climate Plan a Clear Victory for Pennsylvania, Future Generations

Today, President Obama announced a climate plan that will set limits on carbon pollution from power plants, advance energy efficiency and increase the nation’s commitment to renewable energy. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which caused massive loss of power in Southeastern Pennsylvania and devastated huge sections of the Shore, the president’s plan to address global warming was loudly applauded by PennEnvironment and many others.

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News Release | PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center

Almost 9 out of 10 Pennsylvanians Live in Areas Hit by Recent Weather Disasters; New Report Says Global Warming to Bring More Extreme Weather

Six months after Hurricane Sandy led to fourteen deaths in Pennsylvania, a new PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center report finds that weather-related disasters are already affecting hundreds of millions of Americans, and documents how global warming could lead to certain extreme weather events becoming even more common or more severe in the future.

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