Global warming’s potential impacts on Pennsylvania, the nation and the world are expected to be destructive and far-reaching. In Pennsylvania, global warming could mean more heat-related deaths, more extreme weather like the floods, droughts and severe winter storms we’ve experienced in recent years, and severe damage to fishing streams throughout the state.

America’s third-biggest global warming polluter

To make matters worse, Pennsylvania is home to much of the problem. Pennsylvania ranks third in the nation for its global warming pollution, only behind California and Texas. This is due to our fleet of dirty coal-fired power plants, and sprawling development that requires extensive driving from place to place.

Luckily, there are simple, common sense clean energy solutions at our fingertips that will help us to tackle this profound problem before it’s too late. This will allow us to sharply reduce our global warming pollution in Pennsylvania, while repowering our economy with clean energy jobs.

From energy efficient buildings to clean cars, solutions are at hand

Now, we need to put these solutions to work.

Working side by side with our citizen members and activists, PennEnvironment’s staff are working at the state and national level to make sure that we can tackle climate change. 

From advocating for new policies that will promote energy efficient building technology, wind and solar power, and cleaner cars, to requiring the biggest polluters to clean up their acts, we can tackle global warming head-on and win.

Global Warming Updates

Report | PennEnvironment

Shining Cities: At The Forefront of America's Solar Energy Revolution

olar power is on the rise across the country. The United States has more than 200 times as much solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity installed today as it did in 2002. With solar module prices coming down, increasing national awareness of solar energy, and a growing legion of solar businesses large and small, solar power is emerging as a mainstream energy solution with widespread benefits for our health, our economy and the environment.

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News Release | PennEnvironment

First-of-its-kind report shows solar power's growth in Philadelphia and other U.S. cities

Philadelphia – Today, PennEnvironment released “Shining Cities: At the Forefront of America’s Solar Energy Revolution,” a first-of-its-kind report that documents solar power's recent dramatic increase in cities around the country and compares Philadelphia and other cities on their recent solar growth. 

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Report | PennEnvironment

Moving America Forward

American leadership in the fight against global warming is crucial. America is the world’s largest economy, the second-largest emitter of global warming pollution, and the nation responsible for more of the human-caused carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere than any other. Without prompt action by the United States and others to reduce global warming pollution, catastrophic impacts – from coastal flooding to food system disruptions – could become unavoidable.

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News Release | PennEnvironment

Clean Energy is Cutting Carbon, But Pennsylvania Lags

As public concern about extreme weather ramps up, clean energy policies in Pennsylvania and around the nation are proving that we have the tools we need to win the fight against global warming. While Pennsylvania's clean energy policies – like the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard and our state's energy efficiency requirements – are already reducing carbon pollution, there is significant progress to be made compared to other state’s efforts according to a new PennEnvironment report, “Moving America Forward.” 


The report can be accessed here

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News Release | PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center

Global Warming has Winter Games Skating on Thin Ice

Philadelphia, PA  – As the world turns its attention to the Sochi Olympic Games, PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center has revealed a summary of global warming’s impacts on Winter Olympic sports, highlighting the need for action to reduce the carbon pollution that is fueling climate change.  Pennsylvania has experienced substantial snowfall this winter, but PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center’s summary shows an overarching pattern of winters shortening, snow melting faster, and climate change undermining the sports we all celebrate during the Winter Olympics. 

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